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If you are one of my handful of devoted readers who have checked back again and again and wondered what has caused this prolonged absence of new material, I owe you an explanation ? I?ve been busy working so leave me the hell alone and go back to your miserable lives ! It is true that those who tried walking into the sewer over the last couple of weeks, barely got their ankles wet as SewerBall has underdelivered in terms of fresh content. Until now, that is. So where have I been all this time ? Well, my lawyer has advised me not to talk about it. But rest assured, I am well aware that fresh content is vital to maintaining relevance or, in SewerBall?s case, shepherding this vessel out to harbour to a place ever so slightly removed from the obscure fringes of the blogosphere.

Anyhoo, I am back with a vengeance ? a phrase I just coined, I believe ? and ready to recap a prior week during which I bore witness to some peculiar and off-the-wall happenings, not exactly the stuff of everyday life, unless your life is a constant ball of weirdness.

Alas, this week?s post has no uniformed theme; so instead I will pull out the scattershot approach to blogging wherein I display for you, my loyal follower, a bunch of offbeat images capturing the colourful goings-on that I stumbled across on the highway of life during the week of September 8th. If you like where this is going, don?t get too excited just yet because SewerBall, the wretched hive of distasteful bloggery, has a way of building up the reader?s anticipatory juices before leaving him disillusioned and ready to short-circuit his laptop and chuck it in his pool.

A truck on the side of the 401 burns and burns

On Wednesday September 10th I was driving to Toronto and near Woodstock I could see a cloud of black smoke rising from a couple of kilometers away. The closer I got, I could see that the smoke was billowing out of a truck in the westbound 401 lanes across the median. Big fire ! You could see the steel melting. The trailer had been removed apparently. I pulled over and whipped out my camera and new 200-400mm lens and started shooting the flame-engulfed cabin of the truck. By now, some other people had gathered at the En Route service centre across the highway. As I braced for the moment that a possible explosion would occur when the heat would eventually reach the fuel tank, I heard a guy say that this was a diesel truck and would not explode. Shucks. The moment was not something you see everyday and made for some killer images. Let it be noted, by the way, that the burning truck made for a perfect metaphor for Ray Rice?s NFL career, which was in the news the whole week.

The truck continues to burn furiously before the fire trucks arrived

On Monday, various characters from Cirque du Soleil?s ?Kurios? production were invited to throw out the first pitch before the start of the Jays-Cubs series. This made for a few head-turning moments as these various characters wandered around the bowels of the stadium near the photographers? work area as they made their entrance into Rogers Centre. I looked up from my laptop several times and took in these most atypical and odd-looking people walking by me who were quite reminiscent of the bar scene from Star Wars. Freakishly comical, that ! I finally felt like I fit in and I wasn?t even wearing a costume.

One of the least conventional ball deliveries to the mound in the history of ceremonial first pitches An undoubtedly befuddled Drew Hutchison greets the characters of ?Kurios? ? I wonder what was going through his mind at this precise instant

On my drive over to Buffalo on Saturday night, I pulled over twice to fuel up. The first stop was at a gas station that was advertised on QEW signposts but had been closed up. So I continued my drive Stateside and stopped at the next service centre, which did me no good since they did not offer any diesel fuel. I drove around until I found what I needed, but had to pull over along the banks of the Golden Horseshoe to shoot across Lake Ontario a spectacular view of the Toronto skyline that caught my eye a few times along the way. This made the pointless detours definitely worth it.

The skyline of Toronto from across the choppy waters of Lake Ontario

Sunday was the Bills-Dolphins matinee and Bills fans were psyched out of their minds. Jim Kelly roused everyone up when he spoke to the fans about being pronounced cancer-free in a ceremony before kickoff. Then the recently-deceased founder Ralph Wilson?s name was added to the wall of fame. The fans ate it up ? they love their Ralphie in Buffalo ! The game began and the fans saw one of their rising stars in Sammy Watkins give an encouraging performance. The Dolphins were never really in it ? Ryan Tannehill looked lost and confused, getting sacked repeatedly. So the faithful at the Ralph were stoked and danced in their seats all game long.

In keeping with the fire meme, Fred Jackson is introduced before the game ? don?t worry, he was unscathed by the pyrotechnics Buffalo?s answer to the Cheeseheads: here a fan wears a foam buffalo wing on his head Mohawked and blissed out of his mind is this Bills fan as he gets all pumped about the Bills? imminent victory in Week 2

In spite of the gusher of bizarre things that befell my eyeballs, normality was restored, at least momentarily, when the Blue Jays finished a three-game sweep over the Cubs on Wednesday September 10th. The series was as one-sided as a Harlem Globetrotters? game as the hapless Cubbies were trounced in the three games by a combined score of 28-3. I don?t know about you, but when the Cubs are well en route toward finishing another losing baseball campaign, I know all is right with the world. In a world of change, the Cubs? ineptitude truly remains one of life?s few predicatble constants.

The one unextraordinary and rather routine development of this week was seeing the Cubs get swept

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