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We at SewerBall leave no turn unstoned, which is precisely why we?re now branching into an entirely separate dimension, namely that of comedy, and it begins with this utterly hilarious offering.? Showing yet again that SewerBall has the kind of range that most blogs could only dream of, we will stun you into the kind of laughter from which we dare you to recover in under ten seconds.

That said, we shall not delay the ta-da moment any longer as we unleash on you this dose of hilarity . . .

New is not always exciting :  Newly appointed president of the Red Sox Dave Dombrowski and newly installed interim manager Torey Lovullo share what is undoubtedly a stimulating conversation Joey Butts :  When that tight pitch comes whizzing in, Jose Bautista transforms into Phil Plantier and goes into his toilet-bowl stance Who?s the real base thief here ? :  A groundscrew member pulls off baseball?s most impossible steal of second base as he swipes the bag before Oakland?s Josh Reddick can do the same A Leafs body double :  That better be his hockey stick I?m feeling back there How ?bout Red History Month ?  The Raptor gives John Wall an earful Jump ball :  May the best slice win ? either we?re in for some kind of slicing contest or Joakim Noah and Jonas Valanciunas are about to begin an arm wrestling competition You catch the ball, I?ll just stand here and take the credit, m-m-kay ? :  Ryan Goins gives way to Ezequiel Carrera on a fly ball to right ? Goins could hardly look any less involved in this play unless he started twiddling his thumbs We?re in a holding pattern :  Chris Capuano does a massive man-compass adjustment that gets the attention of teammate Mark Ellis The Gridiron steeplechase :  Bryce Brown hurdles over Tramon Williams of the Packers surely making Edwin Moses quite proud Twins :  Jerry Meals is no doubt thinking that a top hat might get him a bit more respect from the managers as he wonders why it is that, even as crew chief, he fails to command the same respect that Jordan Baker does Simon says stretch your arms out :  Kendrys Morales helps home plate umpire Angel Hernandez make the safe call to score a run
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