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Close down the bidding.? We have a winner.? Finally, a post that whips up a healthy dose of levity and then cranks it into overdrive.? Just in time too to add a much-needed shot of spice to a season that should be festive and jolly.

If you like to laugh, then this post is probably speaking your language as we bust through the lame and murky domains of run-of-the-mill humour and offer you a gallery of funnies and bloopers to look through.? You haven?t laughed this hard since the last time you laughed this hard.

Here?s my Cincinn-outi !  Joey Votto?s mini mound completes him Let?s hope this is not what it looks like ? Kobe Bryant saluting the Fuhrer ?  Say it ain?t so, Gunter A lab experiment clearly gone awry.  Here, Mike Pelfrey(on the right) ? not a clone of Brian Dozier ? trolls the real Dozier by wearing a duplicate jersey They?re multiplying !  Franklin Morales gave newly acquired Johnny Cueto his #47 upon arriving in Kansas City, but Morales? new batting practice jersey was not yet ready.  Alas, a duo of 47s infest the field From euphoria to horror: Antje von Seydlitz of Canada holds on to her gold medal but drops her Pan Am Games mascot Pachi as she momentarily interrupts her teammates? celebration on the medal stand after winning in the women?s quadruple sculls to pick up the mishandled toy Yup, still there.  Umpire Mark Carlson does the obligatory check to reassure himself everything that?s crucial to his identity is in tact You?re no Bo: After striking out to end the fourth inning, Puerto Rico catcher Roberto Pena vents by attempting to snap the bat over his knee.  Either he lacked the strength, the passion, or the commitment to actually follow through with his rage.  The bat survived and Pena?s ego probably took a hit What season is it exactly ?  As with the awkward combination of leg warmers and sleeveless arms in the ?80s, or hipsters in the ?90s donning a Spin Doctors? hat while wearing sandals and a tank top, the Houston Texans? Charles James thinks it prudent to offer heat to his noggin while depriving the same to his entire upper body during pre-game warm-ups Chris Colabello demonstrates a pretty laid back approach to hitting.  Somehow, Colabello, a right-handed hitter, finds himself in the left-handed batter?s box as Chris Gimenez of the Texas Rangers stares in bewilderment Mmm, that?s one tasty looking pigeon.  Roman Mendez ogles a succulent birdie that landed on the playing field After checkmating the Rangers with his go-ahead blast in the seventh inning, Jose Bautista tosses the chess board and the pieces with reckless abandon Who?s got it ?  John Ryan Murphy snags the overhead pop up away from Greg Bird, who checks his own glove just in case Jeff Samardzija towers over his White Sox teammates during a conference on the mound giving them nary a chance to talk down to him Take THAT !  Chad Jenkins, Collin McHugh, Justin De Fratus follow through after throwing one heckuva haymaker


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