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The New York Giants? Odell Beckham has carved out a reputation for himself over the last couple of seasons as a maestro of the impossible catch, a Reed-Richards-of-the-NFL character who can miraculously stretch out a limb and haul in a pass that seemed uncatchable.? He is an elite receiver who can not only corral a difficult pass, but also do so one-handed.? This has gained him instant affection with football fans and made him a marketer?s dream.

Odell Beckham makes one of his trademark one-handed catches during pre-game warmups

During their Week 4 game against the Buffalo Bills, Beckham looked pretty good warming up as he practiced those one-handed grabs, executing his trademark catch with ?an.? Running catches, leaping catches, one-handed catches ? whatever the nature of the ball that was thrown his way, Beckham looked his stellar self as he would regularly go and get it.? Even with the seats empty, this is no small feat: other players try the one-handed snag and come up empty-handed far more often.

Chris Hogan of the Bills shows that even in pre-game warmups the one-handed catch is best left to the virtuosos

Rarely do stories about dropped balls feature Odell Beckham as the subject, but there are times when norms fail to hold and they occasionally give way to general outlandishness.? During the game, early in the first quarter, with the Giants pressing, Eli Manning threw a corner pass for Beckham that fans probably assumed would lead to the game?s first score.? The throw had the Bills? cornerback, Stephon Gilmore, beaten and the rest would hinge on #13?s circus-like acrobatics.? It was now Odell?s show and most people would concede that trusting his receiving abilities is a sound strategy.? This ball was hardly a routine touchdown catch, but with Beckham on the receiving end, any ball in the red zone ? within reach or otherwise ? has a chance to be caught with six points soon to be added to the scoreboard.

Odell has a step on Stephon Gilmore and . . .

The magic was missing on this day, however, as the ball trickled off the outstretched fingertips of Beckham, eluding his clutch. ?Odell gave it a second effort as the ball was dropping, but this ball uncharacteristically hit the ground.? Normally, a football on the ends of Odell Beckham?s fingers is a reception.? On this day, it was an incomplete pass.? Don?t write him off just yet though.? While it did not happen on this early October day in Orchard Park, New York, there will be other magic acts on football fields starring Mr. Beckham.? Bet on it.

. . . gives it his all but just cannot corral this Eli Manning pass on a corner route This play will not go down as one of Odell Beckham?s masterpieces, as the ball ignominiously hits the turf after it slid between his hands for a dropped pass

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