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Today my gallery presents what is a vexing issue for many people with cameras. Yes, I?m talking about the photographic equivalent of a groin pull : having your view blocked at the key moment. Normally I handle it well ? sometimes I just shrug and let it roll right off my back, however, there are other times when I not only go into anaphylactic shock but also lose my will to live.

It?s worth noting that this phenomenon is not completely unexpected, especially in football where some linemen take up SO much space they can practically be seen from Google Earth ? their specialty, after all, is blocking views.

What really lights my fuse though is the umpire who moves precisely 14 and a half steps directly into your line of sight during a double-play grounder right after you?ve carefully surveyed his whereabouts and calculated the best position to capture the pivotal moment of action obstruction-free. My reaction to this is usually a muted torrent of verbal hand grenades, but I?ve seen enough photogs over the years react in ways that make Lou Piniella and Billy Martin look measured.

Look, whether it?s hockey or badminton, things move fast and you have to keep your head on a swivel and, yes, being blocked periodically comes with the turf. I?m fine with having my view blocked long enough to miss a routine running play in a football game, but when it?s a killer, full-contact play at the plate at a baseball game, then I can?t help but feel the way I felt that time I bought a counterfeit Rolex watch near Central Park. Sure, the salesman seemed reputable enough at the time, but his scorpion neck tat should have given me at least momentary pause.

Oh well. Those are truly the moments that make me long for another ugly nail-gun incident.

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