SewerBall has crash landed. Finally, the answer to a question nobody asked has signed in. The kinds of vibes that bleed out from this here
commentary-ridden blog vary from mirthful to as bloody serious as a heart attack. SewerBall is like no other blog; it adheres to its own
gravitational pull. While I hope you enjoy it, I couldn?t personally recommend reading more than five blog postings in one sitting unless you
wanna risk being diagnosed with self-inflicted PTSD.

Topics will range from baseball to hockey to football before coming back around to baseball again. Bet on it. Sometimes a blog will start off
talking about football, but only as a decoy to lure in the unsuspecting football reader, before inevitably careening around the bend to talk
some more baseball while making you wish you were wearing a neck brace. To pull off a turn so sharp takes a special kind of performance
art, which I carry out through my keyboard. So, yes, baseball is the core of SewerBall. SewerBall is baseball, but with a twist. And so it shall be.

So, come along. Don?t be afraid. Pry open that manhole cover and jump inside the sewer.

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